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Computing is definitely made easier with advanced peripherals like printers and scanners. Printers are used to produce hard copy output while scanners digitise physical documents and store it on your computer. Home printing has been around for years and with superior connectivity and technology, it is surprising how easy it is to print using most gadgets, even in your home or office. You can easily can connect your laptops with a wifi connection to your printer Capsule Guide Explore a collection of all-in-one, inkjet, laser printers, and scanners from popular brands only on Imperial Techsol. Deciding on the type of printer and scanner before picking the brands and features makes it easier to select the perfect one for you. Many printers allow you to print through Wi-Fi, USB ports, blue-tooth, and Ethernet options from your tablet, computer or smartphone. Different technology is implemented for every printer while quality of the prints varies as well. Different types, Different Needs For quality photo-prints from your smartphone to fast, reliable all-in-one printer that incorporates scanning, copying and fax machines provide everything you need for comprehensive home printing. Featured with wireless and mobile printing, these printers serve a complete solution in a single, compact package. Whether it is school or college work, inkjet printers are ideal for everyday home use. Inkjet printer uses cartridges cheaper than laser toner and delivers better quality photos and colour documents. Laser printers are meant for frequent use and suitable for offices that regularly print in large amounts. Designed for business use, monochrome and colour variants are available in both laser and inkjet versions for whichever suits your mood. Laser printer can print much quicker and in greater volumes than inkjet printers can. Whether your work keeps you confined in the office, on the road or at home, a versatile range of scanners are present to meet every need. Optical technology with stylish, functional design, photo scanners satisfy an array of scanning needs from quality reproductions to quick auto scanning operations. Carry your business where it takes you with handy, mobile scanners that allow you to scan documents or receipts on the spot. From HP Scanjet to Portronics or Kodak series, upgrade your performance with printer and scanner from reputed brands like Epson, Canon, Skypix and many more.