Rental LED Display | Rental LED Display Screen

Those who have gone to a stadium know how difficult and botched would the experience of watching your favorite player perform be if there were no LED video walls but a stadium or auditorium is not the only place where you can use a LED video wall if it is a LED display Rental. This is where the importance of an LED Rental kicks in as you can rent this marvelous device and use it for the purpose which best suits your interest. There can be several reasons as to why you would want to have a LED Display on rent. It can be used for several occasions such as a truck show or road show or wedding. You can rent these amazing screens and earn profits from renting. The fixed LED displays have their own advantages and the Rental LED display has its own. At Imperial Techsol Private Limited we provide all kinds of LED screens for various purposes. Imperial Techsol Private Limited is a Delhi based firm in India which is a leader in LED screens.

What makes a LED Rental a perfect choice?

There are several things you can do by renting a LED display. You can simply use a Rental display screen wherever you want, you can rent it for all sorts of events where you think such screens can serve a purpose, some examples of use of LED displays for Rental are in a marriage ceremony, on a truck for display, in a fair and various other places, they can also be used as billboards. One thing in the rental business is that you can’t have the screen fixed to a wall for a longer period so it is more profitable if you keep the screen moving. The LED Rental screens are made in a way that they can be used for various kinds of application, you can hang the screens or stack them and once your event is over you can pack them and use it elsewhere.  

Considerations which must be made while selecting LED Rental:

Determining the right screen size:

Identifying the correct screen size for the LED Rental display would require the analysis o the maximum and minimum viewing distance of an average spectator. There are various pixel pitches available such as 6mm or 10mm for the screen resolution. The calculation of the maximum viewing distance is important as that is the criterion for selecting the length and height of the screen, for example, you would require 8 ft height screen in order to comfortably view the content from a distance of 100 meters.

Video Processing type:

To select the best video processing equipment it is important to identify what kinds of video you are going to play for example you would need a separate external video processing device in order to stream content live but for a recorded video, no such equipment would be needed.

The dependable source for power supply:

Using the equipment in India it is important to have consistent power supply sources that feed the display. A good quality voltage stabilizer must be used in order to avoid any power supply failure.

Rental LED Display Screen Pixel Pitch Specification

Pixel Pitch Brand Name Series  Specification
1.9, 2.9, 3.9, 4.8 HYSYS Wing Series Rental LED Display Screen Specification