Outdoor LED Video Wall Display

Outdoor LED Video Wall display as the name itself implies is used for outdoor or out-of-home display of content or media. It may be used for several purposes through an Outdoor LED Video Wall display is primarily used for advertisement and making certain content accessible in a public space, in other words, it is also known as digital signage or digital billboard, it also includes the display or screens found in big public spaces like malls, hospitals or other complexes. Outdoor LED Video Wall is a broad category, and it is likely that you will one of such boards in your nearest commercial district. Just go to the city area and you will find platforms to display content such as digital billboards, small TV screens, and small digital sign boards, all these can be said to be an example of digital OOH display.

Outdoor LED Video Wall for :-

Outdoor LED Video Walls for Stadium

Those who have gone to a stadium know how difficult and botched would the experience of watching your favorite player perform be if there were no outdoor LED video walls. A stadium is all packed with people who have to sit at a great distance from the pitch and it would become almost impossible for everyone to have a clear vision of the game if there were no outdoor LED video walls for stadium.

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Digital OOH Display

Advertising a new campaign is no longer restricted to just your television screen, newspaper, and the internet. An average working person spends a huge amount of his hours commuting to his way to the office. Therefore people are bound to see what crosses their paths while commuting. This is when digital OOH display has become a huge medium for digital advertising and marketing.

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What potential does Outdoor LED Video Wall hold in India?

The prospects of Outdoor LED Video Walls in India are very high and this is a booming sector. Given the fact that India is a booming economy and the market keeps expanding, it is only natural that a businessman wants his products to be well advertised and what better way than a LED video wall. Outdoor LED video walls are a sensation in India due to the masses that they appeal. It is however very important to choose the right equipment. Also, you would want a good quality LED video wall at low rates and Imperial Techsol Private Limited a Delhi based Indian firm is the right place to be. We have all sorts of digital platforms for both indoor and outdoor purposes which you can easily avail at lower prices.

Where can you use Outdoor LED Video Wall?

A few areas in which this signage is most widely used are-

  • Retail outlets, Malls, and Complexes
  • Arenas, movie theatres, and multiplexes
  • Railway stations, airports and bus stands
  • Beside major roadways

What makes Outdoor LED Video Walls a better option to go for?

The very fact that these digital signboards can allow interactivity and mobile images make them far more flexible and better than say static signboards. It is a well known scientific fact that a moving image leaves a lasting impression and the people watching it are likely to remember the brand endorsed for a longer time.

What are the other benefits that an Outdoor LED Video Walls offers?

Lower management cost-

When compared to traditional signage, an outdoor video wall also helps you reduce the cost as in a traditional board displaying new content would require printing and installation while in an Outdoor LED Video Wall it would only take a few minutes to display new content.

Enhanced creativity-

Outdoor LED Video Wall becomes better and even more impressive when it is coupled with other advanced equipment and technologies. When paired along with display and facial recognition technology, you can get more creative and can measure the demographics of the onlookers thus improving the business as you know which section to target more.

Outdoor LED Video Wall Pixel Pitch Specifications:

Pixel Pitch Brands Name Working Environment
P4 mm HYSYS Outdoor Fixed HYSYS Outdoor LED Video Wall Datasheet
P5 mm HYSYS Outdoor Fixed
P6 mm HYSYS Outdoor Fixed
P8 mm HYSYS Outdoor Fixed
P10 mm HYSYS Outdoor Fixed