98 Inch Large Format Display | Signage Display | Professional Display | LG, Philips, Samsung

LG, Philips, Samsung

86 Inch Large Format Display | 86" Signage Display | LG, Philips, Samsung

LG, Philips, Samsung

75 Inch Large Format Display | Professional Display | 4K | LG, Philips, Samsung

LG, Philips, Samsung

65 Inch Large Format Display | Professional Display | 4K | LG, Philips, Samsung

LG, Phillips, Samsung

55 Inch Large Format Display | 24*7 Display | LG, Philips, Samsung

LG, Philips, Samsung

48, 49 Inch Large Format Display | Commercial Display | LG, Philips, Samsung

LG , Philips, Samsung

43 Inch Large Format Display | Professional Display | LG, Philips, Samsung

LG, Philips, Samsung

32 Inch Large Format Display | Full HD | Commercial Display | LG, Philips, Samsung

LG, Philips, Samsung

Large Format Display, Professional Display, Commercial Display

Imperial Techsol Private Limited provides a complete series of LG, Philips, Samsung LED large format display, professional display, commercial display that serves industry-leading power-efficient performance and longevity. Designed with accuracy, LED professional display series can maintain a massive range of brightness level at optimum power and long illumination period.

LED signage displays are specially designed for energy efficiency feature; these LEDs deliver high-quality brightness for up to 800+ units, high reliability for every power unit and extended illumination life. Imperial’s advanced technology ensures every LED on the video wall functions at a user-defined brightness level throughout the usage of video wall; all while delivering balanced intensity, crispy, colored and clear images. Philips & LG 98 inch 4k display is engineered for low cost, quiet and worry-free operations.

86 Inch signage display is gathering components purchased from subcontractors. Proximity to subcontractors is a critical factor in manufacturing. Mounting an LED display requires thousands of parts - delivery times and transportation costs will certainly add up to the bottom line.

Their experience, coupled with research into innovative technologies, guarantee the quality and reliability of our LED & LCD displays at a constructive and technological level. Imperial Techsol team is formed by the best professionals in the sector also has a service of maintenance and post-sale. 

LG 75” LED display solution that offers high-quality displays at affordable prices. The advanced and pioneer display technology of Imperial Techsol Pvt. Ltd includes software and hardware facilities. LG, Samsung, Philips 55" 65", 75" LFD professional display meets the demand of multiple sectors in our country like transport, Corporate hubs, defense, government agencies, and educational institutes. This is where anything that fits into the consumer electronics category is assembled, packaged and exported to the rest of the world.

The 32", 43", 48", 49", 55” large format display believe in providing quality services at affordable prices. If you want to get more information, contact Imperial Techsol Pvt. Ltd. Our team will feel delighted to guide you.

Giant full color LED electronic display systems are high-tech multimedia products that mix optical, electronic and acoustic processing signals. To define your electronic screen well you need to know several characteristics offered by large format display for the electronic display.

Huge displays provide ways to advertise your brand as per your choice and needs. digital signage display promotes products by showing them on the screen. We offer high-quality indoor displays and advertisement screens to create an overwhelming impact on the customers which will ultimately enhance your sale.

LED & LCD Professional Display offers a full range of LED-based displays for exterior signage as well as various applications that provide the best display solution to your communication needs.

Imperial Techsol Pvt Ltd offers a massive range of large format display screens that have:

  • Variable information systems for drivers.
  • Cross arrow traffic lights with LED technology for roads Light panels
  • Solid construction, extensive experience in traffic screens, easy to read and without distraction for the driver or pedestrian.
  • From high resolution to monochrome displays, different shines and types of panels to choose from.

Sale, construction, design, and installation your screen, from the hardware, software, your training and warranty market leader.

Mobile Signaling Units:

Portable variable message panels (LEDs) are commonly used in inclement weather (activated by temperature sensors or radar sensors) and for the temporary control of traffic at fairs, shows, and other events. They can also be used in parking lots to indicate suggestions.

Highlights of Large Format Display by Imperial Techsol Pvt Ltd:

  • Experts in Indoor led displays, digital signage, easy reading, high brightness and weather resistance, durable and of the highest quality.
  • Large format display advises you step by step so that you will make the best decision in the installation of your advertising street screen or external signage.
  • We give you the guarantee and prices that other suppliers do not offer.