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Time Attendance Systym

We offer you a wide selection of Attendance Recorders which are customizable to provide an apt solution for your organization. Available with a choice of sensors like fingerprint, proximity, magnetic, bar-code, infra red, touch-token, key-pad or their combination. A wide assortment of Time Attendance System, that are equipped with integrated human voice and buzzer, high password storage capacity, battery backup & transaction storage capacity.

Fingerprint Time Attendance System
Our range of Fingerprint Time Attendance System is equipped with the most power packed fingerprint and time attendance recorder. This system is available with fastest fingerprint identification and verification speed. It also has intelligent fingerprint recognition technology, that is first time in industry. This system automatically learns and adapts to the changes in the fingerprints, that leads to lowest false rejections. Our system is incorporated with fast TCP/IP network communication, popular USB flash disk function to download/upload users and attendance logs.