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Multimedia Projectors

The term multimedia projector is perhaps the broadest, most encompassing term in the projector world, and implies that projectors have evolved to do pretty much everything! Technically, multimedia projectors range from the smallest Pico projectors to the heftiest 100 lbs.+ large venue projectors. Therefore, to put it simply, basically every projector is a multimedia projector nowadays. Although the category of multimedia projectors is a giant basket that includes virtually every projector out there, it is still a popular search engine term. So narrow your search and try specifics. Check out home theater projectors, business projectors, education projectors, portable projectors, 3D projectors and pico projectors (just to name a few)!

Imperial Techsol 170 3D screens are designed for use in all cinema auditoria where 3D systems using polarised light are deployed. Whilst designed for 3D, the surface type also supports conventional 2D pictures giving a viewing experience similar to that of a conventional white screen. d-smooth coating technology applied to the unique base material provides a visibly smoother surface finish and deeper visual perspective to 3D content.

Our proprietary and unique seam welding process ensures our screens have no visible seams under projection conditions. Screens are available in either perforated or non perforated forms depending on speaker placement. Imperial Techsol 170 cannot be folded and must be rolled for transportation.