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Video Wall

Laser video walls
Are you tired of the dim lighting in the control room? Wouldn’t you rather open the curtains to let daylight in? You probably would, but then the operators wouldn’t be able to distinguish all of the details on the video wall. Barco comes with the solution: a video wall that delivers 2x more brightness than mainstream rear-projection video walls, but still provides great image quality and more than 11 years of uninterrupted lifetime in 24/7 mode.
LED rear-projection video walls
Imperial TechSol portfolio of LED-lit rear-projection video walls consists of the industry-standard OverView M series and the full-featured, fully redundant OverView O series. Available in a vast variety of screen sizes and formats, Video walls suit every small, medium and large sized control room. The new OSV range, based on the O series' technology, introduces a large, perfectly seamless canvas for in-depth collaboration and Big Data evaluation.

LCD Video walls
Imperial TechSol professional-grade, high-resolution LCD displays are the perfect solution for tiled video wall applications in small to medium-sized control rooms.

The OverView series comprises 46" and 55" LCD displays with LED backlights, combining high brightness and a wide color gamut with an extremely narrow bezel for excellent tiled visual performance.